Mission & History

The mission of the Structural Engineers of Massachusetts (SEAMASS) is to:

  • Promote and advance the art, science, practice and image of structural engineering.
  • Serve the professional development interests of structural engineers.
  • Promote communication and recognition among structural engineers and related professionals.
  • Promote and maintain professional standards of and qualifications to practice in Massachusetts.
  • Communicate the ethics, standards, goals and accomplishments of the Association to structural engineers, related professionals, government and the public.

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SEAMASS was established under the auspices of the Boston Association of Structural Engineers (BASE) in May 2006. The goal was to create an organization for individual structural engineers to have an opportunity to experience the structural engineering profession in Massachusetts, benefit from locally provided technical education, and to act as the Massachusetts member organization for the National Council Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA)

When NCSEA was established in 1993, BASE, by default, became the Massachusetts member organization of NCSEA .  The majority of NCSEA state representative organizations are associations comprising of individual members.  Realizing this, and wanting to provide individual structural engineers access to the benefits of NCSEA, BASE members decided to create SEAMASS, an organization of individuals that would also become the Massachusetts representative to NCSEA.  BASE helped to develop the SEAMASS bylaws and provided initial funding to implement the new organization. All of the firm representatives of BASE became the first members of SEAMASS and the first slate of officers came from the BASE membership.


The Boston Association of Structural Engineers (BASE) provides a business forum for structural engineering firms practicing vertical construction projects.  Initially limited to firms within a twenty five mile radius of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State House, its membership is now open to all structural engineering firms in the New England states.  Its purpose is to deal with the business and professional issues that affect these firms.

Its bylaws and budget are separate from those of SEAMASS.