SEAMASS Committees

SEAMASS committees carry out the specific charges as detailed below. They make recommendations in accordance with procedures adopted by the Board and, when requested by the Board, assist in their implementation.   All committees report to the Board of Directors.

SEAMASS is currently seeking volunteers to serve on several of the committees.   If you are interested, please contact a member of the Membership committee or the Board of Directors.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is comprised of the officers. The Executive Committee may exercise the powers of the Board when the Board is not in session, reporting to the Board at its succeeding meeting all actions taken. Meetings may be called by the President or any two officers.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall select annually, for election by the eligible Members, one or more nominees for vacant offices and for each of two Directors. The Nominating Committee shall consist of a chairperson, who shall be a past officer, selected by the President and approved by the Board, and four additional Professional Members, selected by the Board from the membership beyond the Board and representative of the geographical distribution of the membership. Nominations for officers and directors may also be made by the membership, pursuant to procedures established by the Board.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is charged with recommending to the Board qualifications for membership and with soliciting new members of the Institute. The committee shall establish the application procedure, for approval by the Board, shall process applications and shall recommend to the Board those applicants to be approved for membership. The chairperson shall be a Professional Member.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee provides continuing-education programs for members, shall maintain relations with institutions that teach structural engineering and shall promote the minimum education requirements for the practice of structural engineering. The Professional Development Committee develops and maintain productive relations with related professional organizations and structural-material associations so as to promote professional development, including educational programs.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee communicates the ethics, standards, goals and accomplishments of the Institute to structural engineers, related professionals, government and the public. The Committee keeps abreast of pending and desirable laws and regulations in Massachusetts that affect structural engineering and structural engineers and promotes changes to same as deemed desirable.  The Committee develops and maintains productive relations with related professional organizations, the news media, legislators and public agencies, in order to accomplish the above goals.

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee coordinates the information contained in the newsletter, including soliciting articles and posting information of interest to the structural engineering community.

Codes Committee
The Codes Committee shall review code change proposals from the state of Massachusetts and report information to the Board.

Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee was established with the goal of encouraging young people to enter the structural engineering profession by supporting area college and university students studying structural engineering.

SE3 Committee
The SEAMASS Structural Engineering Engagement And Equity (SE3) Committee strives to attract and retain the best talent into our profession, and to ensure all structural engineers have a clear pathway to success in their careers. Through hands on seminars, mentoring, and networking events, our committee intends to bridge the gap between engineers of all backgrounds regardless of race, gender, age, or job title. Our work ranges from finding opportunities for professional development and training to improving your project management skills. It includes offering flexible policies to accommodate the work-life balance needs of employees and addressing wage gaps and other inequities. Recognizing that the engineering workplace and workforce is changing, we work to attract and retain the very best talent into this rewarding profession. 

SEER Committee

Structural engineers are needed to assist government agencies after an emergency, sometimes on a very large scale. In order to respond to this need, the National Council of Structural Engineers Association (NCSEA) formed the Structural Engineering Emergency Response (SEER) Committee to guide local SEAs in the organization of their engineering communities into functioning SEER groups capable of providing rapid structural evaluations to local emergency management authorities (EMAs).  The SEERP Committee works with other engineering and public organizations to create a structural engineering emergency response plan for the state of Massachusetts.

Please review the Meetings & Events Calendar to view upcoming meetings, and the Past Events page for summaries of SEAMASS-sponsored events.

Committee Volunteers

Nominating Committee
Bassem Almuti, PE, LEED B C+D (Chair)
Cannon Design

Membership Committee
Brian Twomey, PE (Chair)
Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger

Professional Development Committee
Nate Roy, PE (Chair)
LeMessurier Consultants

Publications Committee
Michael Filliion, P.E., SECB (Chair)
Fillion Group, Inc.

SEER Committee
Michael Fillion, P.E., S.E.C.B. (Chair)
Fillion Group, Inc.

SE3 Committee
Robert Kane, PE (Chair)
McNamara Salvia, Inc.

Young Members Group
Christine McLaugnlin, PE (Chair)

Kyle Karschner, PE (Finance Coord.)
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Shrenik Bora (Digital Coordinator)

Jerson Olano, PE (Event Coord.)
DeSimone Consulting Engineers

Orion Paul (Past Chair)
L.A. Fuess Partners