Boston Association of Structural Engineers

The Boston Association of Structural Engineers (BASE) was founded in 1958 on behalf of structural engineering firms within a 25 mile radius of State House in Boston to work with what is today known as the Division of Capital Asset Management DCAM.  In 1996, BASE became a charter member organization of The National Council of Structural Engineers Associations (NCSEA). Two members of BASE have served as President of NCSEA in the early days of its history.

BASE created SEAMASS in 2006 to be the member organization of NCSEA, and enable all structural engineers in Massachusetts to gain access to opportunities to improve the practice of structural engineering and to foster proactive communication among structural engineers.

Today, BASE is made up of 57 member firms headquartered in Massachusetts.  It continues to serve its members who are business owners.  It also continues to provide service to the public in the form of education toward the public and its members to provide safe, long-lasting, and economical structures in the built environment.

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