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Building Industry Collaboration Regarding COVID-19

A representative from our SEAMASS Board of Directors is participating in meetings with industry groups such as NAIOP, AGC and others, organized by the BSA, to collaborate regarding advocacy and knowledge/resource sharing in response to COVID-19.

This document provides guidelines provided by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as of March 25, 2020:
Governor’s Office Guidance Letter March 25, 2020 Regarding COVID-19 Essential Services

The letter above also references this document:
Governor’s March 23, 2020 Order Exhibit A Essential Services

Going forward, we will continue to participate in these meetings as they reconvene to discuss ways to share resources and mitigate potential construction industry downturns.

MA-AEER-Task Force Update
March 2020 - The Massachusetts Architects & Engineers Emergency Response Task Force (MA AEER TF) is a committee created by SEAMASS, AIA/BSA and BSCE. The committee's mission is to assist the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) with Certified Post Disaster Rapid Building Evaluators should the Agency ever be overwhelmed following an event.

The committee's 9-person Board of Directors consists of 3 representatives from each group. They meet monthly at The Engineering Center on Beacon Hill in Boston, and are administrated by The Engineering Center Education Trust. Gail Kubik, AIA, one of the driving forces behind the committee’s development, has just concluded her term as Chair. Jeffrey Struble, PE representing SEAMASS is now the Chairperson. David Schnerch, PE, Ph.D and Michael Fillion, PE, SECB also represent SEAMASS as directors while former director Dave Morand, PE, SECB continues to participate in meetings on a regular basis as a liaison to SEAMASS.

Recent Task Force accomplishments and goals:
•  The TF is available to organize and teach Cal OES SAP post-disaster building safety training sessions
•  The TF has created an active roster of MA volunteer Post-disaster Building Evaluators
•  The TF continues to build relationships with MEMA and OPSI

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Disaster Response Alliance website

Per the 9th Edition Building Code

Initial Construction Control Document

Construction Control Progress Checklist 

Final Construction Control Document

Actions of Massachusetts Structural Advisory Committee
By Joseph J. Zona, PE, SECB

Recent Work of SEAMASS members on the Structural Advisory Committee regarding Existing Buildings
By Michael Fillion, PE, SECB

Worksheet Tool for use with 780 CMR Mass State Building Code Chapter 34, Existing Building
By Richard M. Croswell, PE, SECB

CODE ANALYSIS WORKSHEET for the 2009 International Existing Building Code with MA Amendments
(9 pages total:  1 page cover with instructions; 8 pages of worksheets)
MS WORD Version
PDF Version

SEAMASS Joins with SEI to Establish Structural Engineers Emergency Response Plan (SEER) in MA
By Jeffrey W. Struble, PE

Order Form for Soil Boring Logs

MA Board of Registration Finalizes Updates to 250 CMR
The Board of Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors has finalized new regulations that comprehensively reform the rules governing the practices of engineering and land surveying in Massachusetts. The reforms went into effect on November 22, 2013, and will allow the use of new technologies in the course of performing engineering and land surveying work. The reforms also clarify existing regulatory requirements for licensed professionals. (Click title link to read full story.)

These profiles were contributed by members who submitted them for publication in SEAMASS NEWS.

Sakonnet Point Lighthouse Restoration
John M. Wathne, PE, Structures North Consulting Engineers

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A complete list of Structural Engineering Associations is listed on the NCSEA website.


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